Borough Ordinances


1  Re-enacting Tax on assessed valuation 5 mills

2  Amending Zoning Ordinance to Include Warehouse and Distribution

3  Amending Zoning Ordinance to Include Group Home, Dwelling Unit, Halfway House, Rooming House etc.

4 Restricting Parking on Portions of Dunmore Street from Line St. to Murray St.

5 Road Cut Ordinance

6  Tenant Occupancy Safety Inspection Ordinance (Amending #2 of 2016)


1  Re-enacting Tax on assessed valuation 5 mills

2  Establishing Borough Manager

3  No Parking Southerly Side of Edgar St & Northerly Side 600 Block



6  Parking Violation Fines Increased

7  Burn Ordinance

8  Abolishing Planning Agency and Creating Planning Commission

9  Subdivision and Land Development (Amending Ord #8 of 1990)

10 Sunny Day Fund – Amending the Section of how much will be deposited from KSL Quarterly Checks

11 Replacing Dickson City Ambulance with Pennsylvania Ambulance as its Designated Sole Provider of Emergency Ambulance Medical Service and Care


1  Re-enacting Tax on assessed valuation 5 mills

2  Accepting Schoolside Estates Roads/Sewers

3  Anti Nepotism Policy

4  Organizations providing Financial Records and Officers List

5  Restricting Truck Traffic on Line St.

6  Accepting a Deed of Dedication from BGM, Inc. For Certain Roads, Storm Water and Sanitary Sewer Improvements within Schoolside Estates Phase I


1  Re-enacting Tax on assessed valuation 5 mills

2  Tenant Occupancy Safety Inspection Ordinance

3  Prohibiting Tobacco Use in Recreational Areas, Parks, Playgrounds and Athletic Fields

4  Prohibiting Parking on the Easterly Side of Blvd. Ave between the I-81 Overpass and the Bridge over the Lackawanna County River

5  Installation of Stop Sign at the Corner of Lynwood & Erie


1   Re-enacting tax on assessed valuation 5 mills.

2  An ordinance to be known as the tenant occupancy safety inspection ordinance repealing ordinance # 9 of 2014.

3  Amending Ordinance #6 of 1993 increasing maximum amt that can be deposited into Sunny Day fund from quarterly checks received.

4  Amending Ordinance #6 of 2014 – Stormwater Management

5  Amending Ordinance #7 of 2014 – MS4 Operation & Maintenance

6  Naming 48 Acres “Throop Green Space”

7  Sign In Policy


1  Re-enacting tax on assessed valuation 5 mills.

2  Restricting parking for the full length along the northwesterly side of Dewey St. and within 50 ft of the intersection along the southeasterly side of Haverly St. As well as within 50 ft. each side of the intersection of Sanderson St.

3  Restricting parking for the full length along the northwesterly side of Haverly St. And within 30 ft . Of the intersection of Sanderson Street, along the southeasterly side of Haverly Street.

4  An ordinance amending the application process fees and application renewal fees contained in Ordinance # 10 of 2006 which established a policy for handicapped parking spaces.

5  An ordinance amending the Borough of Throop Ordinance #11 of 2005 prohibiting the placement of refuse for curbside removal generated outside of the borough of Throop.

6  An ordinance repealing in its entirety Part 1 of Chapter 26 of the Borough of Throop Code of Ordinances pertaining to stormwater management within the borough and enacting a new Part 1 to Chapter 16 of the Code of Ordinances of the Borough of Throop entitled Stormwater Management; providing a comprehensive program of stormwater management, regulation of development and activities causing accelerated run off; providing procedures and performance standards for stormwater management and standards to meet NPDES permit requirements.

7  An ordinance enacting a new part 2 to chapter 26 of the Code of Ordinances of the Borough of Throop entitled MS4 Operations and Maintenance Ordinance; providing standards to meet NPDES permit requirements and water quality requirements, providing for preservation of natural drainage systems and preservation of erosion of stream banks and stream beds.

8  An ordinance of the Borough of Throop regulating the keeping of animals within the Borough of Throop.

9  An ordinance regulating rental unit occupancy and providing for inspections and penalties for noncompliance (Amended #2 of 2015).

10  An ordinance of the Borough of Throop requiring all visitors to Throop Borough Buildings to sign in and penalties for failure to comply (tabled 11/24/14).


1  Re-Enacting Tax on Assessed Valuation


1   Increase the Non Resident Tax Rate to 1%

2  Open Bush Street



2  No Parking Simpson/Dunmore

3  DiCindio Vacating Property

4  Auth. of Tax Collector to Collect Tax Certification fee from Mortgage Service Co and third parties acting as agents on behalf of taxpayers

5  No parking restriction along a portion of the 300 block of Rebecca St

6  No parking restriction along a portion of the southerly side of the 700 block of Simpson for a distance of 90 feet from the intersecting face of curb a Cypress

7  Amendment to the Sunny Day Fund No maximum dollar amt.

8  No parking Restrictions Easterly and Westerly side of Charles St.

9  Re-Enacting Tax on Assessed Valuation

10  2011 Compliance Amendment to Police Pension


1  Pursuant to Act 98 of 1992 providing that In Certain Fire Losses the Insurance Company, Association or Exchange Shall Transfer Insurance Proceeds to a Designated Officer of the Borough as a Portion of the Insurance Proceeds to be held as Security against the total costs of Removing, Repairing or Securing the Damage Building, Providing for Fees, Providing for Penalties for Violation and Setting Forth Procedures and Requirement Pertaining to such Insurance Proceeds and to the Implementation of Act 98 of 1992 in Borough

2  Drug and Alcohol – TABLED NOT ADOPTED

3  Granting Mr. Joseph Palumbo’s Petition to Remove from the Borough Plan and Cancel the Laying out of a Portion Beginning at Clark Street Consisting of a 255 Foot Length by 15 Foot Width (As per Mr. Palumbo’s Survey)

4  Incorporate Waiver Provisions for Installation of Concrete Sidewalks following New Construction

5  Borough will Acquire Rights for Streets and other Improvements Privately Constructed in Tiffany Estates Pending a Recorded Dedication of Said Streets in Lackawanna County
Recorder of Deeds

6  Re-Enacting A Tax on Assessed Valuation


1  Re-Enacting a Tax on Assessed Valuation

2  Appointing a Borough Fire Chief and First & Second Assistants – Amending Ordinance # 5 of 2008 and Ordinance # 2 of 2008

3  Re-Enacting A Tax on Assessed Valuation

4  Requiring Structures to Have Key Lock Boxes Installed on the Exterior of Structures for Fire Safety

5  To Allow Borough Council to Borrow Against Funds in the “Sunny Day Account”


1  Tax of Assessed Valuation, Five (5) Mills

2  Appointing Fire Chief, First Ast. & Second Ast.

3  $1,000.00 Per Lot Fee Any Subdiv. 10 Lots of Greater

4  Amending Throop Borough’s Open Records Policy

5  Appointing Fire Chief, First Ast. & Second Ast.


1  Tax on Asessed Valuation, Five (5) Mills

2  Sanderson St./Marshwood, etc. Prohibiting Parking

3  Residential Rental Units, Regulating

4  Dunmore St. Parking, Regulating

5  Simpson St. Prohib. Truck Traffic

6  Municipal Waste, Providing for Coll. And Disposal, etc.

7  Nuisance Ord. Sidewalks/Grass/Weeds to 6″

8  Sunny Day Account, To Borrow Funds

9  EMS Tax

10  Eddy Creek Line, Establishing Tapping Fee

11  Local Services Tax (LST) Enactment, $52


1  EMS (Emergency and Municipal Svcs. Tax)

2  Ambulance – Designating Dickson City Sole Provider

3  DPW Building, Alleyway, Abandoning Lots

4  DPW Building, Alleyway, Abandoning Lot

5  DPW Building Alleyway, Abandoning Lot

6  Franko & Catherino aka Sharkey to Ridge, Opening

7  School Side Estates, Accepting Streets/Paved Roads

8  Realty Transfer Tax

9  Sidewalks, Following New Construction, Inc. Pen.

10  Handicapped Parking, Establishing Policy

11  Sexual Offenders, Adult, Establishing Res. Restr.

12  Residential Units – TABLED NOT ADOPTED

13  Erie St., Abandoning at 813 and 904 Center