RECYCLING SCHEDULE

Borough wide recycling change…..
Beginning on Tuesday, October 5, 2020 Throop Borough will implement the following change to it’s recycling program: Recycling will now be collected each Tuesday in all wards and will only include cardboard and paper products such as corrugated cardboard, flat unwaxed cardboard, newspaper, office paper and shredded paper. Cardboard and paper must be separated at the curb. Cardboard boxes must be broken down and flattened and have all foam and or plastic packing material removed.

Grass / Leaves – Seasonal (April – December)
Must be in open receptacles or in brown paper leaf bags  with the property
address legibly written on the bag with an indelible marker

1st & 3rd wards = 1st & 3rd Mondays
2nd & 4th wards = 2nd & 4th Mondays

Recycling Collection
Corrugated, Pressed Cardboard (broken down & flattened) &
Paper Collection (Newspaper, Office Paper & Junk Mail)

Tuesdays Borough Wide

Trash Collection
Commingled (Aluminum, plastic) Bottles & Cans will be collected with Trash Collection
Or residents may take commingled to the Recycling Center themselves at no charge

Wednesday: Portions of 1st & 2nd Wards
Thursday: Portions of 2nd & 4th Wards
Friday: 3rd Ward (Boulevard Section and Portion of 1st Ward – Schoolside)

Brush (excluding grass or leaves) will be collected with trash. All items must be bundled and may not exceed 2 feet in length

Appliance/Metal Pick-up
Residents must call in advance.

Electronic Pick-up
First Monday of the month.
Residents must call in advance

Tire Collection
Last Tuesday of the month – May through October. Residents must call in advance.


Throop Wards

For important information on recycling in Lackawanna County :

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Please keep paper products separate from cans and bottles.

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